Bush kinder


Bush Kinder is held at beautiful Braeside Park. 

A mounting body of evidence suggests that outdoor activities in a natural environment benefit children's health, well-being and development. 

Children can find abundant wildlife (cockatoos, caterpillars, rabbits, ducklings, a possum and a tawny frogmouth) and love running, climbing and jumping. 

They've even built a 'campfire' and made 'Wombat Stew' - without the wombat! 

Bush kinder
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  • Bush Kinder looking at bugs
  • Bush Kinder Play Outside
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    Increased social, physical and language skills.

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    Deeper conceptual understanding and respect for the natural environment.

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    Mud, sand, water, leaves, sticks etc. can stimulate children’s immune systems making them sick less often.

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    Increased social, physical and language skills.

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